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Because he will work for You. He will bring much needed jobs & industry into Columbus County.
Let’s Shine Brighter Than Ever Working Together

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Bernard White Whiteville, NC

January speech

I’m Bernard White, candidate for Columbus County Commissioner District 2.

And I think Columbus County can do so much better.

I believe jobs is the answer! And we need that answer right now! Columbus County needs more jobs!

Now some people say we can’t get jobs without better this or that, and they focus on those things only.. and I disagree with those people entirely. I think they’ve got it backwards. Jobs come first and they always will. When we get some jobs in here then we’ll get the other good things too. It all starts with Jobs! Better schools, lower taxes, nicer communities & bigger smiles – all these things will come from more jobs. Jobs is the answer. And Jobs will be my focus as your next Commissioner for District two.

My pledge to you is simple; I will work day & night to bring jobs into CoCo. I will not stop, I will make it happen.

I plan to divert funds from our Economic Development Commission and use those tax dollars on targeted marketing campaigns to identify companies exploring ideas of expansion/relocation. And without going into too much detail at this time, suffice it to say that I have a plan ready to go live on Day One.

We need to keep in mind that we are selling a product here. We are selling Columbus County to a company, in that we want them to locate here, set up shop, and remain for decades & longer. We are selling a product so we need to treat the customer right. Because as the old business saying goes “If you don’t satisfy the customer somebody else will”, we need to satisfy the companies looking at us. Because if we don’t offer the best deal.. some other county probably will.

If it requires incentives to sweeten the pot I’m all for it. Just remember that new companies are bargain shopping & looking for the best deal, much in the same way you & I do at shops and stores. A good business deal is when both sides win, and these are the kinds of deals I’ll negotiate with companies.

And we need to always remember that ALL new jobs in our area are big wins. Things tend to build on one another and momentum is what we’re looking for. If a company comes in with just forty jobs, that’s a win. The next one might be two hundred. And though much of my targeting will be toward jobs ranges of 200 to 400, believe me, I’ll get just as excited about fifty.

I want to play a role in helping Columbus County shine brighter than ever.
I appreciate your vote & support in the Republican Primary on June 23rd.

Vote W. Bernard White – Columbus County Commissioner (District 2).
“Let’s Bring The Jobs In”

Thank you & God Bless

Machine Politics has a proven track record of failure for the people of Columbus County. The results of their 40+ years of work is all around us. And things are bad. They’ve proven their disinterest in our well-being. And they’ve proven (to us all) that they will not let jobs into this county.

It’s time to try something new. And that’s Bernard White.

Perhaps more than anyone else you can see the importance of opportunities after education & training, and that you presently see a lack thereof. And I know many of you plan to leave for greener pastures, spread your wings and fly, and make a positive impact on the world even. And really who could blame you for that, in fact I congratulate you. But what about those who plan to stay, and those that would want to return some day?

Well imagine a Columbus County filled with good-paying jobs and great career opportunities. Imagine a county where you can make a good living staying in a place you love. Making this a place where you can live near family & friends (and meet new people moving in) is a very real possibility. All we have to do is put the right people in office. And I don’t mean the round-robin of machine politicians & their puppets, you know the old guard that made this county poorest in the state. I’m talking about new people; people who are committed to working for people like you –> people like me.

So I’m asking you to ignore the mainstream and grapevine, and to vote in numbers based on your own individual concerns. I’m asking you to vote for me and let me prove my sincerity. I will bring positive results for you. I will bring jobs into Columbus County.

New jobs try to come in every year. But some have figured out they can make easier money with persistent poverty. A system where a handful of people get richer, and everyone else rakes & scrapes, is the system we’ve had for 40+ years. And you can change all this on election day if you decide to.

The bottom line is that I am the only candidate running in the Commissioner District 2 race that will work for you and bring jobs into Columbus County. Period. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to do. And then you’ll know they’ve been keeping jobs out intentionally for decades. Elect me and you will see the truth.

It’s up to you. Do you want more of the same?
Or do you want more jobs, industry & opportunity in CoCo?

I get it. I understand why many of you have opted to not affiliate with either party and go your own way instead. You know full well the machine politics plaguing our county for decades, you know how they operate, and you know how they work both parties to some extent.

Sometimes I wonder if the Unaffiliated voter isn’t smartest of all. Because you don’t play games. You know what’s up and you don’t hide it.

But I ask you to believe that some good people still exist in politics. I ask you to believe that together we can build a political party that we can ALL be proud of. More than most, you can clearly see what is happening here with the machine puppets trying to fully take over the Republican party too. And I believe you can also see that I’m trying to build a Republican party of the people, by the people, and for the people, a big tent free-market party that can discuss ideas openly.

So I ask you to show up in this primary election, to request a Republican ballot, and to put a tick by my name for County Commissioner. You have the power to affect real change in Columbus County politics this time. You have the power to decide the fate of CoCo, or at least the next decade.

I am asking you to put me in public office now. Because Columbus County can’t wait four to eight more years for jobs.

We need more jobs right now!

We need the Unaffiliated Voter to vote for the good guy, Bernard White!

Give me this chance to serve you, and I will show you how my new way is so much better than their old way.

If you want more jobs in Columbus County

Bernard White Means Business

Companies seeking a new location for expansion/relocation please contact at the email address below.

Let’s talk about a new facility for you in North Carolina.

Columbus County is Open For Business!